Night Jasmine Oil Perfume (Vegan) 10 mL Roll-On

Night Jasmine Oil Perfume (Vegan) 10 mL Roll-On


Night Jasmine is a very lovely scent, strong yet sweet it is very pleasing. This is a romantic floral fragrance with night blooming flowers.


Travel friendly and purse/pocket sized, with minimal chance of leakage. You will enjoy the convenience of these portable and stylish roller-ball Perfumes, Each made using unique hand blended mixes of Essential Oils/Fragrance oils mixed with the skin loving oil of sweet almond oil. You will find a beautiful variety of scent combination's including blends only offered at Tsunami Suds.


These Roll-On Perfumes I find are a milder perfume, not overbearing. Rollerballs are a unique perfume delivery system that allows you to apply scents with extreme precision to your pulse points You can decide how little or more you wish to apply, because of the small packaging you can reapply as desired.


Each perfume comes in a 10ml amber glass vile with roller ball applicator.







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  • Key Ingredients

    Perfume blends of Essential and fragrance Oils and Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil.