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Lavender Fields Room and Linen Spray Mist

Lavender Fields Room and Linen Spray Mist


This room and linen spray is a beautiful classic lavender essential oil room spray.

Enjoy fresh and uplifting aromas for any space. Our Linen and rooms spray add a burst of scent
when you need to quickly add fragrance to a room.
Spritz them throughout your home, your office, and car.
Great for so many things:
Use as an alternative to candles
Great for eliminating the odors in a smelly couch.
If sheets need a little refreshing boost after sitting in the closet.
Spritz before welcoming those unexpected guests.
Help effect a mood or memory using a special scent.
Lovely in closets and chests.
Or just freshen up a room.

Our Linen and room spritz are a great alternative to the store sprays these room sprays will leave a fresh clean scent to any room or linen.

Listing is for one 4oz. spritz spray bottle. **DUE TO SUPPLY AVAILABILITY SPRAY TOP HAS BEEN REPLACED WITH WHITE TOP**

Distilled Water, FO Modifier, Fragrance Oil or/and Essential Oil.

Please be sure to mist the air and let fall onto articles of clothing and furniture this will help avoid and possibility of staining surfaces and material.

  • Key Ingredients

    Distilled water.

    Essential  oil

    EO modifier.

  • Weight

    4 oz. Spritz bottle

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